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Parent Service

On duty guidelines


  • 1. Sign in at the school office on your duty day before 8:40AM and obtain a duty slip from the vice principal.
  • 2. Be in front of your duty classroom promptly at 8:40AM and wait for the school superintendent to unlock classroom. Please note the following condition:

    Please note the following conditions:

    Tidiness of the classroom, damages of public property, and the condition of the air-conditioner.
    Besides the desks and chairs in the classroom, students and parents are prohibited to move any objects in the classroom, including the computers.
  • 3. Communicate with teacher before class to obtain an understanding of your duty responsibilities for the day.
  • 4. Ensure that all students return to class after recess and report any unusual circumstances to the teacher or school officials. First and second grade students must be accompanied by a duty parent when using the restroom.
  • 5. After the third period, please check the classroom for the following:
    Return all desks and chairs to original layout.
    Make sure the classroom is clean.
    Turn off all the lights.
    Close all the windows.
    Make sure the blackboard is clean.
    Turn off the air-conditioner or heater.
    Empty all trashcans.
  • 6. Lead any unattended students to the office.
  • 7. Complete the duty slip signed by the teacher, and return it to the vice principal at the office.


  • 1. Please report to the office on the day of your duty before 8:50AM and obtain a duty slip from the vice principal.
  • 2. Duty parents who are responsible for school bell must be familiarized with the following bell schedule:
    First class bell at 8:45 AM promptly.
    Remaining class bells as follows: 9:35AM, 9:45AM, 10:35AM, 10:45AM, 11:35AM, and 11:45AM.
    Please ring the bell in front of each classroom.
  • 3. Other office duties include:
    Supervise student activities during breaks
    Other administrative office duties
  • 4. Complete the duty slips at the end of day and have it signed by the vice principal.

activities and events

  • 1. Arrive to the activity/event location promptly
  • 2. Report to the activity coordinator for assignment of responsibilities.
  • 3. At the completion of your duty, report to the activity coordinator prior to leaving. Those who left prior to completing the service hours will not be permitted to earn service points.
  • 4. The activity coordinator will report your service points directly to PTA.

ways to volunteer

activies and Events

"The students here are so great to work with. Volunteering here has truly become the best part of my week!"

- Daisy Chan, Parent

"Giving my time here has been great. I really get to know the kids and other parents."

- Jeremy Wong, Parent

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